Featured Stories from MuleSoft – Feb 2020

MuleSoft has rolled out their key updates for the month of November. They announced that the New Deployment Option and Connector for Google Cloud will make available the Anypoint Runtime Fabric on Google Cloud. Yet another interesting announcement is about MuleSoft’s new tools, pre-packaged connectors and learning modules that empowers developers to compose connected customer experiences, without writing a single line of code. Furthermore, MuleSoft has put out a Whitepaper on how one of the largest banks in the world is building a digital platform with APIs to unlock open banking opportunities to build towards its future. Let’s look at a quick brief on the above announcements from MuleSoft. Here we go!

MuleSoft Announces New Deployment Option and Connector for Google Cloud, Enabling Customers to Accelerate Digital Transformation

MuleSoft, provider of the leading platform for building application networks extended its Anypoint Runtime Fabric to run on Google Cloud. Now the Google Cloud customers will be able to easily manage business critical applications within their existing infrastructure, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. With Anypoint Runtime Fabric, MuleSoft facilitates companies to get increased flexibility to deploy APIs and integrations across public and private clouds . Moreover, a new BigQuery connector is used in Anypoint Exchange that will help line-of-business owners combine datasets from disparate sources.

By leveraging Google Cloud’s strengths and BigQuery’s advanced querying capabilities marketers can derive better real-time data insights around segmentation and personalization. Read the complete article here to know how MuleSoft mean customers can make better decisions in areas like AI, ML and cloud analytics. https://bit.ly/35Dgchi

MuleSoft Empowers Anyone to Unlock Data and Create Connected Customer Experiences With Clicks Not Code

Irrespective of where the data resides in the enterprise, Mulesoft empowers development teams can become Integration Trailblazers and easily connect those data sources to compile a consistent, unified and repeatable customer engagement and experience. This move by Mulesoft indicates that the future of connected experiences requires integrating systems and unifying data with APIs. To further democratize integration, new tools, pre-packaged connectors and learning modules built on MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform are meant to empower anyone to integrate systems without writing a single line of code.

New features for pre-built APIs and integrations includes, Flow Designer, Accelerators for both Service and Commerce Cloud and an Anypoint API Community Manager which are made more powerful with Anypoint Exchange. This article describes how MuleSoft, together with key alliances including Accenture and Deloitte, will commit to re-skill up a total of 100,000 Integration Trailblazers over the next five years and the comments about the news. Also this article helps you understand how you can become an Integration Trailblazer at the world’s largest software conference Dreamforce 2019. Read the complete article here https://bit.ly/2rYroXe

HSBC the Bank of the Future with MuleSoft

MuleSoft talks about how HSBC, the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world using MuleSoft’s Anypoint API Community Manager, is building a digital platform with APIs to unlock open banking opportunities. MuleSoft’s Anypoint API Community Manager enables HSBC to build APIs that securely unlock access to core banking products to allow collaboration with partners, accelerate innovation and open new revenue channels. This article focuses on how Banks are going through a revolution and why they must move from transactions to personalized interactions and digital services for its customer. HSBC realized that the bank of the future will be a digital platform and chose MuleSoft and its API-led approach to connectivity to develop a shared services platform. MuleSoft API ecosystem enables HSBC to drive speed, agility and innovation at scale to deliver more value for its customers. HSBC is leveraging API Community Manager which is built on Salesforce Community Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud that helps to deliver an internal and external developer portal that will extent more than 30 markets and three global businesses. Read the complete article on how HSBC Tapping into the API economy https://bit.ly/34vQc5Z . Are you interested to track these monthly updates from MuleSoft and get insights out of it? Subscribe to CloudWave blogs https://cloudwaveinc.com/blog