5 New Smartsheet AI Features That Enhance Productivity

With the ever-growing demands on teams and resources, leveraging technology to enhance productivity has become a necessity. To stay ahead of the curve, Smartsheet has introduced new AI features designed to streamline workflows and empower users to achieve more in less time.

Here are five specific AI features within the Smartsheet platform that can revolutionize the way you work and supercharge your productivity.

1. AI Solution Builder

Smartsheet's AI Solution Builder is a game-changer for teams aiming to quickly implement new solution templates. This feature enables users to quickly find Smartsheet templates for their specific use case. The AI Solution Builder can then personalize the template even more to their specific needs, freeing up valuable time for more strategic tasks. Users can say goodbye to manual project templates and focus on higher-level decision-making.

2. Help Assistant

Smartsheet’s Help Assistant Bot offers on-the-spot guidance when users have a question. It uses Smartsheet’s extensive community and help resources to solve complex problems using feedback from other Smartsheet experts. Whether you’re setting up a new build, implementing a configuration, or expanding on an existing solution, the Help Assistant can generate formulas based on a simple description of the information you want and provide you with crucial advice.

3. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Search

Finding relevant information within a vast repository of data can be time-consuming. Enter Smartsheet's NLP Search feature. With NLP, users can simply type their queries in natural language, and the AI will extract the most relevant data and documents. This intuitive search capability eliminates the need for complex filters and keyword memorization, making information retrieval faster and easier. Time spent on manual search is redirected towards productive tasks.

4. Contextual Insights

Understanding the big picture is crucial for effective decision-making. Smartsheet's Contextual Insights feature combines data from various sources and provides actionable insights. By utilizing AI to identify correlations and trends, users can gain deeper understanding and make more informed choices. Whether it's identifying underperforming projects or recognizing successful strategies, this feature enables users to navigate complex data landscapes with ease.

5. Brandfolder

Smartsheet’s marketing application Brandfolder uses AI and machine learning to automatically organize users design and branding assets. Users can customize the organizational rules based on file details, like their names or the dates when they were uploaded. Brandfolder can also suggest similar assets and conduct an image search within your library of content, with advanced technology that can differentiate between different models of the same product. The AI also scores asset performance and predicts the future performance of new assets to help marketers make decisions about the content they use in various campaigns. This reduces time spent finding assets, adapting assets for one-off requests, etc. Branfolder can also effortlessly generate video captions and image descriptions, or easily manipulate images for quick editing. It’s one of the most AI-forward add-ons in Smartsheet’s roster, embracing automation to improve marketing workflows.

Working Smarter with AI

Smartsheet's new AI features represent a significant step towards enhancing productivity and efficiency in the workplace. By leveraging AI Solution Builder, Help Assistant, NLP search, contextual insights, and Brandfolder application, users can optimize their workflows, save time, and make more informed decisions. As technology continues to evolve, platforms like Smartsheet are at the forefront of transforming the way we work, helping us achieve more while expending less effort.

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