CloudWave Offers Google AppSheet Low/No Code App Dev Services

Can you imagine building an app without any prior knowledge of programming languages or frameworks? The idea sounds intriguing, and now thanks to the no-code Google AppSheet platform the reality is possible.

Google AppSheet allows you to build powerful mobile applications directly from your data that will perfectly meet your business needs. The best part: you don’t need to hire a single developer for it. The data can be sourced in any form (Excel, Google Drive, SQL, etc.) and the applications built using AppSheet can be customized with UX/UI, workflows, reporting, and more.

The History of Google AppSheet

The AppSheet platform was originally founded by Praveen Seshadri in 2014 as a no-code development solution for mobile, tablet, and web applications. Understanding the value in simplifying app development, Google acquired AppSheet at the beginning of 2020 and released early access to AppSheet automation later in the fall. Now businesses can innovate the functions they need and integrate them seamlessly with other Google products and environments.

The Benefits of Google AppSheet

As the name suggests, AppSheet combines no-code and Google AI to make it easier for users to build applications without the need to learn to code. However, that’s just the beginning. Here are a few of the top benefits of Google AppSheet.

Codeless App Development

AppSheet allows users without extensive coding experience to develop customized apps for both Android and iOS. It is fast, easier, and more cost-effective than ever to create and deploy apps as the platform develops directly from the available data.

Easily Shareable Apps

Once you’ve built an app, it can be easily shared and published on other platforms. Popular platforms like Salesforce, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL can connect cloud data with the app.

Hassle-Free Integration

You can effortlessly integrate any application built in AppSheet with features like email alerts, GPS maps, signature capturing, charts, photo capturing, and push notifications. All this happens by following the step to step guide provided on the software itself.

Enhanced UX/UI

Applications built using AppSheet can be customized with UI/UX. AppSheet makes the user experience easy with custom choices for colors, themes, and font.

How to Integrate Google Appsheet

The steps to combine no-code AppSheet and Google AI to quickly build, customize, and publish applications are pretty simple. However, its integration heavily relies on a robust application and a knowledgeable team.

First you must set up your Google AppSheet account, build your application, and finalize the feature that you want to integrate with other platforms. There are thousands of external services compatible with AppSheet.

In order to ensure integration runs smoothly, you’ll need a project manager tracking progress and development hours, you’ll need external software set up as an inbound channel, and you’ll need push notifications configured to help you manage both the new app and the existing software you want to integrate.

As an app integration partner, CloudWave can help to integrate technology, optimize settings, and automate processes in Google AppSheet. This will help enhance the overall user experience for your application, and it will ease the transition when you face the challenges of deploying it to your users.

Endless Opportunities with Google AppSheet

Thanks to its user-friendly interface and unprecedented technology, Google AppSheet has made custom application development a possibility for more businesses than ever before.

Whether you need an experienced team to bring your vision to life in AppSheet, or you simply want to integrate your existing application with another software, CloudWave can help you achieve your business goals. Contact our team of experts to learn more.