5 Benefits to Organizing Data with Smartsheet

There are dozens of cloud-based tools on the market to help you organize data and streamline workflows. But if your business is used to old-school methods like totalling up numbers in an Excel sheet from a hand-held calculator, migrating all of your siloed data into one place and learning a new software system might seem intimidating at first.

One of the reasons our team at CloudWave has invested time and resources into becoming a Smartsheet Platinum Partner is because of the value it provides to our clients. Fast access to reliable data and automated workflow and reporting procedures can be transformative for businesses: both in their earning potential, and in retention as employees suffer less from burnout completing tedious data-related tasks by hand.

Here are five benefits to organizing data with Smartsheet that you should consider as you compare cloud-based solutions for your business.

Benefits to Organizing Data with Smartsheet

1. Your team can collaborate better.

If you’ve worked extensively in software like Excel, then you probably already have a laundry list of frustrations with the limitations. Only one person can update and edit a spreadsheet at a time, and it’s difficult or impossible to track who made what changes.

Smartsheet’s collaborative functionality allows for:

  • Multiple people editing and saving changes to a sheet at the same time.
  • Easy auditing of cell-level and sheet-level changes.
  • Conversations within a sheet.
  • Easy ways for people outside of the sheet to make changes as needed.

When collaboration is simplified, manual errors are reduced and your data integrity is stronger. Plus, less headache and wasted time for your team improves morale and productivity.

2. Your visibility into data insights is improved.

Smartsheet is equipped with features that make it simple for the right people to get the right information. Customizable sharing permission levels allow people to have different access based on only the data they actually need to use. This improves security and efficiency.

Within Smartsheet’s reporting functionality, you can combine multiple sheets and filter down to just the subset you need to see. Dashboards can surface KPI metrics, specific reports, and more so that you can track progress at a glance.

Publishing options allow you to share sheets, reports, and dashboards with people in or outside your Smartsheet organization either through live read-only links or embedded code.

With greater data visibility comes improved insights. Having easy access to reporting data you can trust is a game changer when planning ahead for the next quarter or even the next few weeks.

3. Your employees can save time on routine tasks.

Smartsheet makes crucial manual processes work easier and faster. You can organize your sheets, reports, and dashboards into workspaces and folders. This combined with Smartsheet improved search functionality helps you quickly find exactly what you need.

You can easily collect data using forms that directly populate sheets, send emails straight from sheets, and even use automation to streamline workflows.

4. You can eliminate the need to duplicate work in multiple platforms.

Thanks to Smartsheet’s robust integration capabilities, you can solve employee frustrations around duplicated work.

Sheets can connect to Resource Management using the sheet panel integration. Smartsheet connectors are available for Jira, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics 365, allowing for a bidirectional flow of data between Smartsheet and the other platform. Smartsheet’s Bridge is a no code platform that allows for easy integration with a variety of other systems, like FedEx, ServiceNow, Sharepoint and more.

If none of the out of the box options meet your needs, Smartsheet’s extensive API allows for custom integrations so that you can connect to any software system.

5. The software is versatile enough to fit any business model.

Smartsheet is a great choice for any company, regardless of the industry you serve. It can accommodate in-office, hybrid, and remote work environments with ease.

Businesses in a wide variety of sectors utilize Smartsheet to organize data: manufacturing, finance, marketing, technology and beyond. It can be utilized for virtually any type of project - traditional PMO, agile, and other ad hoc use cases.

Without the limitations of industry-specific software, you can more easily adjust or pivot as needed to keep up with modern digital trends and continue to make your work environment more user-friendly and accessible to employees.

Organizing Data with Smartsheet and CloudWave

If you’re considering Smartsheet for project management and data analysis, look for a Smartsheet Platinum Partner like CloudWave who understands the technology best practices and prioritizes your unique business needs.

Through Smartsheet integration, we deliver cross-platform functionality​ that helps you bring your system together for an end-to-end solution within Smartsheet​. Using automation, we reduce tedious manual processes to save time and improve productivity.

CloudWave also provides Smartsheet support throughout the entire project lifecycle - defining scope, architecture, design, development and deployment.​ As your data environment constantly changes, we offer continued support beyond project in an ever-shifting digital landscape.

To learn more about some of our successful Smartsheet projects, check out our case studies.

If you are looking for an experienced Smartsheet partner, reach out to our experts at CloudWave today.