Smartsheet Premium Apps: Control Center

In today's competitive business landscape, effective project management and resource allocation are critical to achieving success. Smartsheet understands these challenges and offers a suite of premium apps to help organizations streamline their workflows.

The Smartsheet Premium Control Center stands out as a powerful tool for centralized project management and resource optimization. In this article, we will explore the key features and uses of the Smartsheet Premium Control Center, highlighting how it can empower your organization.

Top Features in the Smartsheet Premium Control Center

1. Centralized Project Management

The Smartsheet Premium Control Center serves as a centralized hub for managing multiple projects within your organization. It allows you to create standardized project templates and automatically replicate them, ensuring consistency across various initiatives. This feature is invaluable for organizations with complex project portfolios.

2. Automated Workflows

Automation is a cornerstone of efficiency, and the Control Center offers robust automation capabilities. You can set up workflows to automate repetitive tasks, notifications, and approvals, reducing manual work and minimizing the risk of errors.

3. Resource Management Integration

Effective resource allocation is crucial for project success. Control Center customers can automatically create new Resource Management projects based on newly created project sheets, such as a project plan or staffing sheet. You can also instantaneously populate the new Resource Management project with high level information mapped from the project, such as the Project Name, Project Manager, Client, and more. This gives your teams a headstart and ensures that your teams are optimally utilized and that projects are adequately staffed.

4. Global Updates

Making changes across multiple projects can be time-consuming, but the Control Center simplifies this process. You can make global updates to project templates, add or edit columns, and more, ensuring that changes are applied consistently throughout your organization.

5. Real-time Dashboards and Reporting

Stay informed with real-time dashboards and reporting. Control Center automatically rolls up project level sheets to reports on both the project level and, leveraging Control Center Summary Rollup functionality, the portfolio level as well, allowing visibility across all projects with ease. That data can then be leveraged on various pre-built dashboards. This data-driven approach helps you make informed decisions and adapt to changing circumstances.

6. Integration with WorkApps

Smartsheet's WorkApps allow you to create custom solutions tailored to your organization's needs. The Control Center seamlessly integrates with WorkApps, enabling you to build specialized applications for project management, resource allocation, and reporting.

Key Uses of the Smartsheet Premium Control Center

Now that we've explored the Control Center's key features, let's delve into its practical applications:

1. Project Portfolio Management

For organizations with multiple projects running concurrently, the Control Center provides a bird's-eye view of the entire project portfolio. You can assess progress, identify bottlenecks, and allocate resources strategically to maximize efficiency.

2. Standardized Processes

Standardization is essential for maintaining consistency and quality across projects. With the Control Center, you can create templates and workflows that ensure each project follows your organization's best practices.

3. Resource Optimization

Resource allocation can be a complex puzzle, especially in large organizations. The Control Center simplifies this by helping you automatically create new Resource Management projects, efficiently allocating the right resources with the right projects, avoiding overallocation or underutilization.

4. Efficient Updates

When project requirements change, making updates across the board can be daunting. The Control Center's global update feature makes it easy to implement changes consistently, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

5. Custom WorkApps

The Control Center's integration with WorkApps empowers your organization to build custom solutions tailored to your unique needs. You can manage your projects and portfolio easily via the user friendly and streamlined WorkApps tool.

Improved Efficiency with Smartsheet Premium Control Center

The Smartsheet Premium Control Center is a game-changer for organizations seeking to enhance project management, resource allocation, and overall efficiency. Its centralized approach, automation capabilities, and integration with WorkApps make it a versatile solution for organizations of all sizes and industries.

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