Deploying Custom Integration in Smartsheet Bridge


The client, a major national fashion design brand and retailer, needed a solution that allowed them to leverage Smartsheet as a core part of their project management process while maintaining the ability to instantaneously sync with their ServiceNow account as well as push tickets to Smartsheet’s Resource Management for time tracking.


Our CloudWave Smartsheet consultants started by identifying key business needs for the client and agreeing upon a project timeline that would allow their team to maximize the new Smartsheet environment as soon as possible. Then we began building the solution.

First, we designed the technical components based on the needs uncovered in the discovery phase. Since ServiceNow wasn’t a typical out-of-box integration at the time, the integration process required some extra customization.

Ultimately our team created a custom API solution via Smartsheet’s Bridge application to connect the client’s ServiceNow instance with their Smartsheet account, providing bi-directional support. Using Bridge, custom modules are designed to handle specific HTTP calls based on the APIs for the respective platforms that need to communicate. That data is then passed back to Smartsheet where it can be leveraged for decision making, communication, and more.

Then the team created sheets, reports, and dashboards necessary for the overall system. These components allow the customer to leverage their data from multiple sources in one platform, make decisions, communicate efficiently, and take action as needed.

Once the integration was complete, we walked the client through user acceptance testing to eliminate any potential issues. We then provided a knowledge transfer and technical documentation to the client’s admin users and continued to support them in the go-live stage.


  • A successful bi-directional integration of Smartsheet and ServiceNow.
  • Smartsheet Projects are now populating to the customer’s ServiceNow automatically, including fields for ProjectID, Project Name, Project Owner, Project Status, and the Project Link.
  • Smartsheet Projects are now receiving Incident data from the corresponding ServiceNow project automatically, either by updating an existing project row or adding a new row when appropriate.
  • Incident tickets within projects are able to surface in Resource Management via Smartsheet’s panel integration.

About CloudWave

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