CloudWave Creates a User-Friendly Client Portal for MiraVista Veterinary Diagnostics

    Veterinary clinics provide the best care possible for their animal patients and when there’s a health problem, they need to determine the proper course of treatment quickly by performing diagnostic tests. MiraVista Veterinary Diagnostics looked to develop a safe, efficient and timely way to collect and share results to diagnose such illnesses.

    CloudWave worked with MiraVista Veterinary Diagnostics to create a user-friendly patient portal that integrated with an existing process framework enabling veterinary clients to upload lab order information, supporting MiraVista Veterinary Diagnostics to share results and for allowing clients to download results so that the patients could be treated as quickly as possible.

    In 3 months, the CloudWave project team, led by Murugaboopathi Natarajan and Hannah Ellis, conducted intake meetings to collect the MiraVista team’s requirements, personalized the software architecture, tested the applications, conducted virtual training sessions and provided an efficient project management solution for MiraVista Veterinary Diagnostics and their clinic clients.

Diagnosing the Problem

    MiraVista Veterinary Diagnostics is a specialty laboratory in Indiana that focuses on testing for fungal infections in animals. Veterinarian clients throughout the U.S. and Canada rely on MiraVista Veterinary Diagnostics to process samples quickly and accurately, processing between 500 to 1,000 lab orders per day for clients, Monday through Saturday.

    First-time clients complete a client information form and either submit via fax or mail along with the sample to be tested. Each sample is accompanied by a printed lab order detailing the type of test(s) needed and information about the pet, owner, collection details and clinic identification information. The sample is received by MiraVista Veterinary Diagnostics, cataloged and processed.

    Because physical samples are received, MiraVista Veterinary Diagnostics analysts needed an accurate way to validate client orders against current database entries in one single program. Further, a solution was needed for lab technicians to enter diagnostic results and for veterinary clinics to easily access those results using a secure, user-friendly portal. While HIPAA privacy regulations don’t apply to veterinary results, MiraVista Veterinary Diagnostics believes in offering animal patients the same privacy standards as human patients thereby ensuring clients only see results for their specific animal patients.

Smartsheet and ConsoleApp Project Management Solution

    The CloudWave team set forth an aggressive timeline of three months. CloudWave completed requirements gathering and discovery, customized the ConsoleApp and WorkApps, tested and optimized the programs and provided virtual training for administrators via Zoom. In the one month leading up to full deployment, the team met with key stakeholders to begin a thorough knowledge transfer of documentation and outlined every step of the current process. The final portal was released in under 12 weeks.


    CloudWave developed a custom solution linking several solutions and working closely with MiraVista Veterinary Diagnostics to connect seamlessly with their existing database. CloudWave leveraged Smartsheet’s Document Builder and custom-designed WorkApps to create a patient portal that works unidirectionally with MiraVista’s current database.

Reimagining the Process

    When an animal is seen with a suspected illness, the veterinary client collects a specimen and it is sent to MiraVista Veterinary Diagnostics through expedited delivery where technicians conduct diagnostic testing for specific fungal infections who then shares results in a timely turnaround. MiraVista Veterinary Diagnostics sought a solution that would allow lab technicians to input results which are subsequently available to the client in virtually real time.

    Each clinic is assigned a client ID number in the MiraVista Veterinary Diagnostics SQL database, which is tied to the client’s contact information, including an email address. However, data integrity is important to MiraVista Veterinary Diagnostics. Clients have the ability to manage their own login, while MiraVista Smartsheet administrators are able to manage security on their end, updating their client list as needed, reviewing notifications of new users requests immediately, validating new user requests and handling invalid user requests (i.e. duplicate request for a client, invalid client ID).

    In the newly developed portal, MiraVista Veterinary Diagnostics lab technicians upload results into the Smartsheet fields specific to the client and the patient. Document Builder converts the result from the Smartsheet entry into a PDF report. The client user logs into the portal and is given access to the result specific to the patients seen at their clinic and does not have access to patients from other clinics. The patient portal is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

Additional Applications for Patient Portal Application

    With behind-the-scenes user authentication, patient data stays secure and confidential and is available only to permitted users. Order submission, as well as faster and more accessible updates and results in one place using one login, gave MiraVista Veterinary Diagnostics the transparency and efficiency it needed for veterinary clients to rely on. This example of using Smartsheet created a portal that can be applied to pets and humans alike. In this case, the veterinary clinics are akin to patients and this same solution could be employed by doctor offices, lab clinics and more.

    Through customized Smartsheet integration, CloudWave can deliver a cross platform process automation solution to fit similar needs for efficient end-to-end solutions.

    “You might be a reference lab, family practitioner, or veterinary clinic looking for a streamlined way to get information to your patients. Maybe you don’t serve patients but have customers - you can provide them what they need in one user-friendly space,” says Hannah Ellis, Smartsheet Consultant for CloudWave.

    CloudWave is a leader in platform integration, including Smartsheet integrations with various on-premise and cloud-based systems. CloudWave’s experts think outside of the box to supply solutions customized for an organization’s needs.

About MiraVista Veterinary Diagnostics

    MiraVista Veterinary Diagnostics is the veterinary division of MiraVista Diagnostics, a specialty laboratory in Indianapolis, Indiana devoted to detection and monitoring of systemic fungal infections. MiraVista Veterinary Diagnostics provides diagnostic services to veterinarians throughout the U.S. and Canada (as well as globally) for a wide range of species including dogs, cats, birds, horses, tigers, lions, marine mammals, etc.

About CloudWave

    CloudWave Inc. is a small business information technology consulting firm based in Virginia that provides end to end services from architecture to development in niche cutting edge cloud technologies. CloudWave specializes in the areas of application development, integration, cloud offerings - SaaS, PaaS, IaS, machine learning/artificial intelligence, analytics/business intelligence, microservices, and enterprise document management. Since 2012, the company has developed classified/unclassified, innovative, cost-saving, low-risk solutions to federal and commercial customers both within the United States and globally. The team has more than 30 years of exceptional systems and architectures experience managing complex and compliant projects.