• A large Government client wanted to automate synchronization of it's users from Enterprise Active Directory to multiple Salesforce instances.

CloudWave Solutions

  • CloudWave initially developed a proof of concept to demonstrate to IT that MuleSoft can perform user synchronization and also unlock the Active Directory data via API. MuleSoft simplified the architecture by replacing a more complex architecture using Salesforce Identity Connect and IBM CastIron, saving tens of thousands of dollars in the process. While designing this project, CloudWave followed an API First approach to make sure that data gets unlocked and easier for consumption by other applications using API to avoid redundant point to point integration.
  • CloudWave implemented the project from installation to go-live in 8 weeks which included installation of MuleSoft at the Company’s data centers, architecture, design, development, testing, and deployment. We also worked closely with MuleSoft architects during the course of the project to make sure we followed best practices of design and implementation. We were able to use Mulesoft connectors such as LDAP Connector, Salesforce Connector, Message Transformers and quickly build our solution in weeks time.
  • The new Salesforce User Provisioning module on Mulesoft Runtime gets the User data every 6 hours via API and subsequently adds, removes or updates the users in multiple Salesforce ORGs. The platform has the ability to provide metrics on API usage, control incoming traffic, throttling, and the ability to look at the application logs through the online console making troubleshooting issues easier. The user data is not only available for this synchronization, but it is consumable by other systems in the company via the API.