Real-Time Survey Response Synchronization to Salesforce with MuleSoft for Qualtrics

Qualtrics is an experience management company that offers a subscription software platform “that the world’s most iconic companies use to close experience gaps and deliver breakthrough results.” The XM Platform makes it simple for any organization to collect, understand, and take action on experience data (X-data) – the beliefs, emotions, and sentiments of customers and employees.

Qualtrics wanted user surveys to immediately synchronize with current Salesforce data so that their clients could access the most up-to-date information about X-data from customers.

Client Needs

Qualtrics needed to be able to push an unlimited number of survey responses to Salesforce. Then, they needed near real-time survey response synchronization to Salesforce objects with the ability to map survey responses to standard or custom objects. Finally, they needed the ability to custom schedule the synchronization between the surveys and salesforce.

CloudWave Solutions

CloudWave has many years of experience utilizing MuleSoft to integrate other platforms with Salesforce. To address the needs at Qualtrics, the CloudWave team built the following solutions:

  • Survey Responses to Salesforce Org Integration - Integrated the Qualtrics survey response platform with Salesforce so that survey responses from a Qualtrics account can be associated with one or many Salesforce Orgs.
  • Synchronization Schedule - Set up a custom schedule to send survey responses from Qualtrics to Salesforce.
  • Survey Response Mapping - Set up survey response mapping that connects Qualtrics survey responses into Salesforce standard or custom objects.
  • Synchronization Status - Now responses are collected after updating Salesforce objects, and their status is updated via email and stored in a file for future reference.

Why MuleSoft for Salesforce Integration

MuleSoft helps to connect people, processes, and data seamlessly. Using MuleSoft enterprises can:

  • Integrate Apps and Systems Quickly
  • Manage the Full API Life Cycle
  • Automate End to End Business Practices
  • Connect and Sync Data Sources
  • Exchange Data Seamlessly with the Partner Ecosystem

MuleSoft’s easy-to-use development environment can increase productivity and lower development cost. It is the best available open-source integration development tool on the market.

CloudWave, a certified MuleSoft partner, helps businesses to get the most out of the MuleSoft iPaaS platform by delivering industry-wide integration best practices that drive digital transformation and build a better-connected business.

CloudWave Salesforce Solutions

Over the years, CloudWave has perfected the skill of developing and delivering end-to-end Salesforce solutions to customers across the globe. With CloudWave on your side, you receive the assurance of working with a Salesforce Consulting Partner who has the expertise and experience to determine your company’s vision, and then design a powerful solution to meet those needs.

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