Featured Stories from MuleSoft – Feb 2020

MuleSoft published their key updates for the month of February. Their recent update revolves around how they leveraged APIs built on Anypoint Platform to create new digital experiences for students, faculty and staff for one of the leading global universities. Their key findings of the 2020 Connectivity Benchmark Report on the state of IT and digital transformation is listed below. Here we go with the brief:

City University of Hong Kong Transforms into a Smart University and Unifies the Campus Experience with MuleSoft

MuleSoft has been proving time and again that they can power up scalable and reliable educational solutions on their Anypoint Platform. They recently transformed The City University of Hong Kong into a Smart University with their Anypoint Platform. With APIs built on Anypoint Platform, CityU has now been enabled to unify various university systems (26,000 students and 4,000 academic staff across its five colleges and five schools) thus making it easier for students and staff to access information from one place. This transformation enables them to deliver new and connected experiences faster and easier.

Plenty of International universities are aggressively recruiting faculty and students from all over the world where CityU stands out as a smart institution to appeal to today’s digital native students. The director of computing services, CityU said that “To compete with other world-renowned universities, CityU sought to create new digital experiences that reflected the rapidly changing world for students, faculty and staff – using MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform as the foundation for this effort,” MuleSoft redefined the campus experience of City U with their Anypoint Platform and provided a solid foundation for future campus innovations using API-led connectivity. Read the complete article here https://bit.ly/2vIf3IJ

New Report Shows 3 out of 4 Organizations Expect Negative Revenue Impact if They Don’t Digitally Transform in the Next 12 Months

MuleSoft, provider of the leading platform for building application networks, announced the findings of the 2020 Connectivity Benchmark Report on the state of IT and digital transformation. Their research findings say 3 out of 4 companies will attain negative revenue impact if they don’t transform digitally within a year since digital transformation has widely become a strategic imperative for businesses. This study was taken from a sample of 800 CIOs and IT decision makers (ITDMs) in organizations with at least 1,000 employees.

This article clearly explains how businesses are under increasing pressure to digitally transform, and struggling to overcome a common obstacle. On average, out of almost 900 different applications used by the average enterprise, only 28% of those applications are integrated. This prevents a single view of the customer and that leads to a situation where more than half of businesses are unable to provide connected experiences to their end customers.

This study highlights new opportunities and challenges for businesses as they digitally transform and sheds light on how Businesses are failing to capture the full value of APIs without a company-wide strategy. Above all, this report clearly explains how API reuse is directly linked to speed of innovation, operational efficiency and revenue. Read the full article here https://bit.ly/2IwgiNX.

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