The Center for Enablement (C4E) is an IT business model that enables organizations to create reusable resources, accumulate APIs, and improve best practices and knowledge to enable independent service and delivery in organizations and faster deployment of new solutions.

Rather than treating each IT challenge as a stand-alone project, C4E provides a sustainable delivery framework in which resources generated during the phase are integral to each subsequent phase or project.

The center for enablement is different from the center of excellence. This is an asset-oriented framework with API models. It decentralizes the property and provision of digital assets (API, microservices). The success of C4E is directly measured by the consumption of these assets and accelerate innovation.

The C4E operating model relies on 6 pillars: Platform Architecture, API Strategy, Deployment & Management, API Best Practices,
and Support & Delivery Acceleration.

Platform Architecture

  • Deployment models
  • Reference architecture
  • Security architecture
  • Automation and tooling

API Strategy

  • Vision & objectives
  • IT strategy alignment
  • KPIs and value reporting
  • Program Governance

Deployment & Management

  • The platform builds & configuration
  • Monitoring and ops management
  • Capacity and performance planning
  • Upgrades and patching

API Best Practice

  •  API service governance
  • Self-service enablement assets
  • Training and certification


  • App support guidance
  • Platform support
  • CloudWave support escalations
  • Product enhancement process




Delivery Acceleration

  • Reusable central assets and code
  • SME consultancy
  • Onboarding process
  • Facilitate and enable consumer delivery



CloudWave Success Stories

  • Learn how CloudWave executed the near real-time survey response synchronization with Salesforce for Qualtrics and integrated with other system.
  • Learn how CloudWave helped its Government Client to automate synchronization of it's users from Enterprise Active Directory to multiple Salesforce instances.

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