MuleSoft Connectors

The hardest part of your business environment is the integration of business applications (SaaS or B2B / EDI) – that you cannot connect quickly with uncomplicated unified processes.

Using MuleSoft Connectors

A connector is a library that establishes a connection between MuleSoft and external resources. The resources can be any source of content, such as, for example, databases, protocols, or APIs.

A connector can be created with MuleSoft’s Anypoint Connector DevKit and Anypoint Studio IDE. The connector is written in Java and it accesses the web resources via REST, SOAP or the Java SDK. It can be deployed anywhere and have global connectivity.

From Point-to-Point Integration to an Application Ecosystem

CloudWave’s capability of developing connectors eliminates point-to-point connections. You get scalability and performance, and customers can take advantage of new opportunities.

CloudWave uses Anypoint Connector DevKit tools to build custom connectors.

As a reusable component that masks the complexity of the API for integration developers, customized connectors facilitate integration with Web services, applications, SaaS and local data sources.

We offer experstise in using connectors for the efficient integration of ERP systems, CRM systems, databases, and other cloud based systems.

MuleSoft Point to Point Integration
MuleSoft Salesforce Connector

Build Your Ecosystem Application

CloudWave understands that applications are complex, and to create an integration, the endpoint must be fully understood. So you don’t have to do it, and leave it to us. The MuleSoft Anypoint connector supports integration through various protocols and APIs. It has several built-in ports that connect to various protocols such as SFTP, FTP, JDBC, or other SAAS systems such as Salesforce and various Google and AWS services, etc.
Build Your Ecosystem Application
  • We have in-depth domain knowledge and endless integration options, and more.
  • We can connect all your data via connectors that we have developed.
  • The ready-to-use connectors can be reused for integration into any data system.
  • We can also transfer all your information to a friendly web platform.
  • It’s economical, and a competent solution.
Cloud Integration - Simplified

The CloudWave technical team constantly updates all our core connectors to meet the latest product releases of the vendor.

CloudWave provides a secure enterprise API that can handle third-party requests in organization applications without asking the requester to understand the details of the underlying application.

Cloud Integration Simple with MuleSoft Connector

CloudWave Success Stories

  • Learn how CloudWave executed the near real-time survey response synchronization with Salesforce for Qualtrics and integrated with other system.
  • Learn how CloudWave helped its Government Client to automate synchronization of it's users from Enterprise Active Directory to multiple Salesforce instances.

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