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The integration platform is critical for managing the flow of data between applications and organizations. The integration platform is used to integrate various technologies, and applications, irrespective of its language.

It reduces the complexity of complex integration. It helps the organization with the functions of connectivity, routing, error handling and testing.

Apart from this, the integration platform has other advantages:

  • It can be attached as simple libraries in a project since it is lighter than the integration suite, and
  • It eliminates the need to re-write the code to integrate different applications and technologies.

CloudWave - MuleSoft Integration Platform as a Service (IPASS)

CloudWave uses MuleSoft platforms to execute integration services. MuleSoft platform can be hosted on-premise or as IPASS (Integration Platform as a Service) which is cloud version.

We implement integration framework to align people, technology and processes, to provide solutions to the toughest connectivity challenges.

MuleSoft as an API lifecycle management platform to API led connectivtiy across the organization enhances monetary benefits, which can be compared to investment costs against the current return on investment (ROI).

This analysis enables businesses to plan future budgets.CloudWave’s association with MuleSoft has led to many successful projects in cloud-based integration. We ensure the organization can connect applications, data, and devices quickly, and cost-effectively using API led connectivity approach.


Consider an Integration Framework

If your business:

  • System requires the integration of 8-9 components, and developers have difficulty establishing interoperability between distributed systems.
  • Needs to integrate applications into multiple protocols or communication technologies.
  • Project needs message routing, aggregation, forking, transformation, or message enrichment.
  • Needs to organize finely grained components (orchestration) and arrange it to the logical process flow.

CloudWave with the help of MuleSoft platform help organization applies all the above-said integration models. This greatly reduces the chance to rewrite code.


Why Optimize Your Application Network with CloudWave Expertise?

Businesses today need speed and flexibility to access data. The number of dynamic endpoints need to be connected. Enterprises need to catch up with new technologies such as SaaS, mobile technologies and IoT that are increasing (exponentially).

CloudWave with API integration allows companies to extract collected data with consistent and actionable information, accelerating business results.

CloudWave developers understand business goals as well as their planning and execution through technology solutions such as MuleSoft. Our goal is to help our customers achieve the best digital experience possible, regardless of the complexity of the project.


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