Salesforce is a Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM company that offers a variety of software solutions and platforms that enable users and developers to develop custom software. Because of the multi-tenant architecture, multiple customers can use the same technology in a parallel yet secure low latency environment. Sales Force’s Cloud technology relieves you of the effort of managing your own infrastructure so you can focus on innovation, growth and strategic investments and not worry about managing technology. Salesforce increases the productivity of your workforce by getting them to work more efficiently with your customers and enabling them to achieve their goals.

Why Salesforce?

Salesforce is known for four key reasons:

  1. Fast: Implementing traditional CRM software can take more than a year on average, with Salesforce, it’s just a matter of weeks
  2. Simple to use: Salesforce easily wins in user-friendly categories.
  3. Effective for the Enterprise: Salesforce is easy to use and adaptable to the needs of the business, so enterprises find it very effective.
  4. Integration: Salesforce integrates seamlessly with third-party applications. 

    It’s a powerful, lightweight toolset providing a consistent interface to a large number of cloud, SaaS, social media, and Web APIs.


What is CloudWave’s Value Proposition

We engage with you in a “Discovery” engagement to help you identify the best ways and means to future-proof your business.

We take a step-by-step approach to provide solutions and tailor it to your needs while controlling project timeline and costs. For large Salesforce project deployments, we initially provide the main functionality and add additional customization as appropriate. This way, customers can deploy solutions as quickly as possible and benefit from full compliance with their original requirements.

We automate various processes related to sales and customer service. For example, track leads and prioritize cases depending on your business needs. We use the standard features of Salesforce process automation or code-based customization to automate business processes based on their complexity. In this way, you can better manage multiple sales areas, products and services and increase customer satisfaction.

Our Salesforce Implementation Services

Sales Cloud Setup

CloudWave is an expert in implementing cloud sales for businesses of all sizes and features. Whether you're using Sales Cloud for the first time or want to customize your current solution, our sales cloud experts will help you get over it.

Service Cloud Implementation

We specialize in the implementation of cloud services. Our experience extends from scratch when it comes to service cloud and also offers tailored implementations.

Marketing Cloud Implementation

Our agile Marketing Cloud implementation provides the most powerful digital marketing platform that allows you to plan, optimize and customize your customer's business from an integrated platform.

Data Migration to Salesforce

If you choose CloudWave Salesforce implementation partner, we ensure that your old data is migrated to your Salesforce platform because we know the requirements and urgency of your data. We have specifically designed solutions for cost-effective enterprise-wide migration in optimal timeframes and implemented in the appropriate window to reduce the economic impact.

CloudWave Success Stories

  • Learn how CloudWave executed the near real-time survey response synchronization with Salesforce for Qualtrics and integrated with other system.
  • Learn how CloudWave helped its Government Client to automate synchronization of it's users from Enterprise Active Directory to multiple Salesforce instances.

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