Do you have a vision? * Let CloudWave help you build and implement it.* CloudWave offers enterprise cloud solutions

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CloudWave Inc. is a global consulting, technology and outsourcing company, recognized for its passion to exceed customer expectations, technology innovation, enterprise and business process expertise.

CloudWave’s collaborative workforce partners with customers to meet their business imperatives and to facilitate the transformational journey to identify new growth opportunities as well as the opportunity to expand into new markets and new sectors.

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Whether you're in the early stages or need guidance on developing a cloud strategy and ready to Implement SalesForce or Migrate to SalesForce or Build Mobile Applications with strong cloud technology. CloudWave can make your organization succeed in the cloud.

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With its deep platform knowledge, innovative solution development and reusable components, Cloudwave offers Consulting, Implementation and Managed Services on Open Source Integration technologies like MuleSoft.

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Google Cloud Apps

CloudWave provides consulting and implementation services on various Google Cloud Platform products

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Amazon Web Services

CloudWave provides AWS System Integration and Managed Services on the AWS platform. Our innovative application model enables enterprise Cloud Application Assessment, Refactoring, Migration, and Management of Applications on the AWS platform.

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Microsoft Azure

CloudWave, a Microsoft partner, provides services that will help your organization transition to (and embrace) this paradigm shift in technology (called cloud computing) - be it IaaS, PaaS, or Saas offerings in order to meet your business requirements.

Our Products

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Who gave Bob the permission to delete a record? A question this simple would take an Admin hours sifting through the logs. XCavate can save all that hassle as it can house all your logs and the powerful search lets you do a keyword search, which means you can answer that simple question in a jiffy. With our wide range of plans , every team small or big can afford XCavate.
XCavate Mobile
Mobile App
XCavate Mobile brings the power of XCavate on your mobile device so that you can search through the logs on the go.
Clone All
Salesforce Lightning Components
This Salesforce Component when plugged into an object can clone a record and its related records in a click of a button.
File Listing
Salesforce Lightning Components
This file listing component in Salesforce keeps you within the same record even when you navigate to the attached files so you never lose track.

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