CloudWave launches XCavate App for Salesforce Users to Backup, Search and Retrieve Logs

Tysons, VA June 03, 2020: CloudWave Inc., a global leader in cloud strategy, big data consulting, digital transformation technology & solutions and proven Salesforce partner today announced the Launch of its XCavate App for Salesforce users. XCavate is available as a Mobile App and Desktop version. You can download the app either from App store / Play store to get started.

Do you currently back up Salesforce logs on all of your orgs? XCavate helps Salesforce users automatically archive historical logs. Typically, organizations in regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, insurance, retail etc. are required to maintain logs for long periods of time. Also, they need to have a quick turnaround retrieval.

Business continuity is impacted in uncertain scenarios. Common scenarios encountered in organizations are monitoring adoption of a new app, tracking performance of an existing app to identify opportunities for improvement, accidental removal of a record created earlier etc. Hence it is critical to have a log backup system in place.

XCavate can unearth all your logs. It is critical that your logs are accessible and auditable at a short notice to ensure business does not stop. XCavate helps Salesforce users’ backup logs, apply filters to identify logs and use keyword search to spot logs. This saves enormous time and effort for Salesforce users that they would have spent manually otherwise. XCavate adds value by helping the user create charts to find patterns and insights as well as identify business opportunities.

Drive your business with XCavate Mobile app. Download this simple Plug-and-play app from App Store or Google Play Store. XCavate is easy to use, reliable, enterprise-class cloud application that helps companies, backup & retrieves Salesforce logs.

“Enterprises today are forced to retain Logs for Compliance and other purposes, spends lot of time and money in implementing and maintaining custom solutions. XCavate is much more affordable and backs up all your logs for compliance, auditing and tracking purpose with very powerful search feature” says Prabhakar Ramakrishnan, CEO, and founder of CloudWave Inc.

“Access all your logs with XCavate unified solution, optimized for any organization that uses Salesforce.”

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