Featured Stories from MuleSoft Jan 2020

MuleSoft has rolled out their key updates for the month of November. They announced that the New Deployment Option and Connector for Google Cloud will make available the Anypoint Runtime Fabric on Google Cloud. Yet another interesting announcement is about MuleSoft’s new tools, pre-packaged connectors and learning modules that empowers developers to compose connected customer experiences, without writing a single line of code. Furthermore, MuleSoft has put out a Whitepaper on how one of the largest banks in the world is building a digital platform with APIs to unlock open banking opportunities to build towards its future.

NRF 2020: Powering the Future of Connected Retail Experiences with MuleSoft:

As we aware, the retail industry is getting ever more competitive. Traditional retail supply chain technologies are unable to transform retailer’s business operations and processes in a meaningful way. A study report says more than half of global consumers (58%) are saddled with a disconnected experience across channels and about 60% of them are thinking about changing retailers due to this issue. Retailers are keen to integrate and unify data sources and applications to meet consumer expectations and they need to unlock customer, product, and purchase history data from core retail systems, legacy applications and more to accomplish that. This is where the significance of MuleSoft’s unique API-led approach to connectivity comes to the fore. With MuleSoft’s API-driven approach, retailers can reuse APIs to substantially accelerate the delivery of connected customer experiences. At the same time, they can unlock customer and product data from legacy systems. Retailers can be empowered to facilitate a personalized customer engagement in a faster way with new connected experiences including real-time inventory visibility and mobile checkout. With MuleSoft, retailers can innovate 3x faster using pre-built integration assets, best practices and recommended architectures to create new experiences on and offline. Read the complete story on how APIs and integrations power the connected customer experiences of today and tomorrow with MuleSoft at NRF 2020 – https://bit.ly/2S4kSZe