It is critical that your logs are accessible and auditable at a moment’s notice so that your business doesn’t stop..

Data drives your business. Logs contain essential information about how your data is used. How would you like to use that data to monitor adoption of a new application? Or to track performance of an existing application, in order to identify opportunities for improvements? Or to, investigate a security incident? We’ve got your logs covered for compliance and auditing..

  • Scheduled log backups
  • Powerful relevant search
  • Log backups available 24/7
  • Security compliance
  • Permanent retention of all logs

To get started, download the XCavate mobile app either from App store / Play store and then access your
desktop version subseqently

One Simple Plan, to Backup, Search and Retention of all your logs

Free (5 MB)

Per month

2 users | 1 Org

1 GB​

Per month

10 users | 1 Org

3 GB​

Per month

10 users | 1 Org

5 GB​

Per month

10 users | 3 Org

Searching audit logs ensures you can always track down the information you need.

Robust search maintains relationships so results are easily consumable

Based on storage size

Extract and load Audit logs, Event logs quickly

Backup and Retrieve API event logs