CloudWave AI Innovation

CloudWave embraces cutting edge AI & ML technology to help build better solutions for our clients. We have experienced the improvements in efficiency and progress from successfully adapting cloud-based SaaS platforms with new AI features or building custom AI workflows for essential organizational functions.

Generative AI Technology in Our

Grant Management AI System

Our CloudWave team developed a Grant Management AI System to automate the process associated with reviewing and approving funding requests. The goal was to reduce mundane, repetitive tasks for admins reviewing large numbers of grant applications and help them work more efficiently. There are multiple features within the system that harness powerful generative AI technology.

Driver’s License Verification

When a user decides to apply for a grant, the system will prompt them to upload their driver’s license as the first step. From there, the AI technology will scan the license and determine whether or not the identity matches the user’s submitted info. The user can confirm that their identification is correct, or if there is a mismatch they will be prompted to address the discrepancy in their account before proceeding further.

1040 Tax Form Verification

After the driver’s license info has been verified, the system will prompt the user to upload their 1040 tax form to determine whether or not they are eligible for the grant. The system will only allow a user to continue with the application process if the info on their form meets income eligibility requirements. This automated system vetting saves administrators valuable time.

Form Digitization

Once an applicant has uploaded their driver’s license and 1040 tax form, the AI component will scan the flat documents. The system will lift, transform, and store the information into digital data without the need for manual data entry by an admin. This info is easily accessible under the corresponding applicant’s account with the click of a button.

5-Point Summary Builder

Each applicant is asked to write a long form justification as to why they should receive grant funding during the application process. The system AI scans this information and summarizes it into 5 key bullet points for admins to quickly scan and review when approving or denying the funding request.

Grant Management

Once an application has moved through the approval process with a combination of AI checkpoints and human verification, admins can manage all of the details associated with that account within our Grant Management System. See a snapshot of crucial data and reports in the dashboard, access key contact info, review funding programs, and track ongoing funding requests all within one comprehensive system.

Using the power of artificial intelligence, CloudWave’s Grant Management AI System saves time, reduces manual effort, and improves efficiency.
This can help your organization fund grant applications faster and make a positive impact on employee morale with less mundane and repetitive tasks for your team.

Reducing Manual Effort with

Doc Digitizer AI

Our team also developed an application that can scan and instantly digitize any document, like a handwritten form, a driver’s license, or an insurance card. Doc Digitizer AI can be trained to read any type of form or document, reducing both time and errors associated with manually entering information into a database. Here’s how it works...

Step 1: Document Training

First, Doc Digitizer AI is trained to recognize a specific document, its fields, and what data types will be extracted from it. This process takes approximately 3-4 days.

Step 2: Email Document to Admins

Once the training is complete, users can begin emailing files to admins who will then upload them into the Doc Digitizer AI system

Step 3: Digitize Document

Once an admin uploads and selects a document, Doc Digitizer AI will instantly digitize it for you with the click of a button.

Step 4: Check Information

The Doc Digitizer AI system uses human in the loop verification, which means all of the digitized information can be easily edited by admins before it is finalized. Doc Digitizer AI includes data validation and verification rules (e.g., required fields and data types). It also supports optional confirmation steps and alerts for when it has low confidence in its own analyses.

Modernize Your Workflow with

Artificial Intelligence

If tedious manual processes are slowing down and burning out your team members, investing in the right AI solution can supercharge your efficiency. CloudWave developers can use the power of artificial intelligence to help you automate tasks, generate text, instantly access your data, and more.

Custom AI Development & Integration

In addition to our AI products, CloudWave offers several AI services that can be customized to fit any internal system. Powered by Google Vertex, these offerings have multitudes of potential applications.

Internal Generative AI Information Repository

CloudWave has developed Generative AI technology that can be trained specifically to study data and information pertaining to your organization. Imagine Google Bard or Chat GPT, but embedded in your own organization’s internal framework. The AI becomes an expert in your key internal documents and info, beneficial for quickly accessing data or training new employees. It will also benefit from an advanced security framework that protects your private data from outside sources.

Image Recognition & Categorization

In tandem with our efforts to empower organizations to access their most important info faster using Generative AI, our teams developed image recognition software that can identify the subject of any image or document file and automatically sort it into the appropriate category. This technology can reduce human labor massively for any organization handling a large volume of files.

External Generative AI Chatbot

Our teams have also created an external AI Chatbot that is accessed by visitors to your website. The AI learns all of the most crucial public-facing information about your organization and helps improve user experience as visitors search for specific information on your site.