MuleSoft Report Shows 3 out of 4 Organizations Expect Negative Revenue Impact if They Don’t Digitally Transform

According to the 2020 Connectivity Benchmark Report on the state of IT and digital transformation conducted by MuleSoft, research findings say 3 out of 4 companies will attain negative revenue impact if they don’t transform digitally within a year. This study used a sample of 800 CIOs and IT decision makers (ITDMs) in organizations with at least 1,000 employees.

Digital transformation has widely become a strategic imperative for businesses. MuleSoft’s new study clearly explains how businesses are under increasing pressure to digitally transform, and struggling to overcome a common obstacle. 85% of organizations reported integration challenges slow down the pace of their digital transformation, with more than half still providing disconnected customer experiences across channels.

Out of almost 900 different applications used by the average business, only 28% of those applications are integrated. This prevents a single view of the customer and that leads to a situation where more than half of businesses are unable to provide connected experiences to their end customers.

This study highlights new opportunities and challenges for businesses as they digitally transform and sheds light on how businesses are failing to capture the full value of APIs without a company-wide strategy. Above all, this report clearly explains how API reuse is directly linked to speed of innovation, operational efficiency and revenue.

Read the full Connectivity Benchmark Report here.