Youth Care: Building a Childcare Management System in Google AppSheet


CloudWave developed an application that helps caretakers access critical information about children and streamline the processes to provide them with healthcare, legal representation, and basic needs.

Admins needed a way to quickly onboard and manage sensitive information for children in a secure platform. Within the app, caretakers can find contact information for families, organize and access legal documentation, transfer children’s records to different facilities, assign children to specific rooms within facilities, request specific items children need, request an appointment with onsite and offsite healthcare providers for children, and more.


An organization that provides housing for children until they can be reunited with their families was seeking a data solution that would make their records easily accessible to caretakers, but also extremely secure due to the sensitive nature of the data. Caretakers needed a way to manage files like medical records, legal documents, and family contact info without any concerns about data security.

Our team at CloudWave is always eager to innovate using emerging technology platforms. We chose the low code platform Google Appsheet to build this new application because it has numerous benefits for users: flexibility, affordability, and mobile accessibility.

Our client is a large organization with multiple different on-site facilities providing basic necessities like food and shelter as well as entertainment and emotional support for the children. Since there were so many different types of data that needed to be accessible within the app, we broke everything down into categories. These include: Calendar Events, Cafeteria, Entertainment, Library, Phone Book, Legal Documentation, Medical Documentation, Order Supplies, Children, and Youth Care Workers.

Caregivers can use these different tools within the same app for everything from ordering specific clothing items for a child to updating their medical history to providing them with books and movies for daily entertainment. Caregivers can also schedule offsite appointments with doctors or attorneys for specific children and onboard/offboard them as needed.

The app also features an innovative GPS tracking feature that helps employees quickly locate each other across such massive facilities. For example, if a caregiver needs to locate a particular onsite medical professional or mental health counselor, they can look up that person by name and find them on the facility map.

There are additional admin features like dashboards that quickly display lists of caregivers and the corresponding lists of children they oversee. While this information may change several times throughout the month, the app is connected to Google Cloud Platform where all of the historical data about each caregiver and their groups of children is stored safely and accessibly.


  • The Youth Care App allows caregivers to organize critical documents and provide them with necessary care until they can be reunited with their families.
  • The app can be used for scheduling appointments with healthcare providers or attorneys, ordering supplies, or even providing the children with entertainment.
  • Employees can locate each other across the facilities using the GPS log.
  • Admins have advanced features and dashboards with a quick overview of the most critical information.
  • All data is safely stored in the Google Cloud Platform.

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