5 Benefits of Using Google Appsheet for Custom Business Applications

Creating custom applications for your business needs can be costly, time-consuming, and frustrating even when the end result is worth the headache. But sometimes it makes sense to simplify the app build process and lower expenses with a nocode/lowcode platform like Google Appsheet. In the hands of experienced professionals, Appsheet can yield highly functional and intuitive applications that meet your business needs without overcomplicating the process.

What is Google AppSheet?

Google AppSheet is a cloud-based nocode platform that empowers users to create professional mobile apps without heavily relying on complex code. It can be used for tasks like data collection, inventory management, or project tracking.

AppSheet was acquired by Google in 2020 when the company was 8 years old. The software already had native integrations with Google Sheets and Google Forms, plus other platforms like AWS DynamoDB, Salesforce, Office 365, Box and more.

5 Benefits of Using Google AppSheet for Your Next Project

1. Appsheet cuts costs.

Google Appsheet is an extremely affordable alternative to other data organization software with similar features and functionality. The most basic plans start at $5-10 per month for each employee license.

2. Appsheet makes your data more accessible and integrates with other platforms.

Google Appsheet can pull siloed data from a variety of sources into one easily accessible interface. Google Sheets and Excel files, databases like MySQL, AWS DynamoDB, and Oracle, and even external providers like Salesforce, Smartsheet, or Airtable can all integrate with Google Appsheet. (For the full list of compatible data sources, use this guide from Google.)

3. Appsheet provides mobile access.

Applications created within Appsheet can be used on mobile devices as well as desktops. This extends the functionality seamlessly for employees who need to work and access crucial data on the go.

4. Appsheet offers flexibility and real-time collaboration.

Google Appsheet can be used to build a wide variety of different projects. For example, our team at CloudWave has used it to create a workspace reservation system, an event lifecycle tracking system, and a youth care management system. It also offers the advantage of real-time collaboration between team members building the applications, which can be so helpful both within an organization, and between business partners if you hire a team to build an application for you in Appsheet.

5. Appsheet allows for speed and simplicity.

Since Google Appsheet doesn’t require complex lines of code built from scratch, its user-friendly interface allows you to move from concept to live application much more quickly. Often the most straightforward way to reach your business goals with Appsheet is to hire experts with experience in data integration to set up your application with best practices in mind and provide customization with additional code where necessary.

Looking for a partner to help you build your next custom application? Reach out to our team at CloudWave.

If you have a custom business application project in mind and you’re wondering if Google Appsheet could be the right platform for the job, reach out to our team at CloudWave for a consultation. We can help you estimate the cost saving benefits of Appsheet and determine if there are any limitations to the functionality of your app that can be addressed with customization from our developers. Contact us here.